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Did David Swift Kill His Wife?

Some people believe that Karen's husband, David, is the perpetrator of this crime. That theory hinges on the fact that Karen had recently filed for divorce and that she was going for full custody, the house, and his annual bonus. You decide... 
Swift Divorce File

Ashley Swift Interview 4.18.2019

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Ashley Swift interview 5.15.2020

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Dustin Swift Interview 12.8.2018

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Dustin Swift Interview Clip 9.29.2019

Timeline and Karen Swift’s cell phone records

We know, based on an audio we have in our possession, that Karen had at least ONE other cell phone that was provided to her by her close friends, Bill and Cathy Bona. The “other” cell phone was one that Mr. Bona had on his business line and that he wasn’t using, according to his wife. We were not able to obtain those records as the Bonas have refused to speak with us. However, we are convinced that, if those records were to be obtained by law enforcement, they would answer a lot more questions and confirm one or more people who should be considered person(s) of interest in this investigation. Nonetheless, based on the information that is available to us, this is the best timeline that we could come up with at this time.
Picture of Swift and her close friend, Cathy Bona, whom she attended the Halloween party with on the night before she went missing.
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Recorded conversation between Swift’s son and the Bonas on 11.8.2011 & Statement Analysis

Due to several “red flag” statements made by Ms. Bona, we feel strongly that she knew that Swift was deceased (the date of this recording is a full month prior to Swift’s body being discovered). Ms. Bona says things like, “I have been as honest as I can be” (with law enforcement) and she “was” my best friend. It is also in this recording that we learn of Swift’s “other” cell phone provided by her husband. We also find it extremely interesting that Mr. Bona tells Karen’s son (and girlfriend) that they are about to search a particular area, the late Charles Whitnel’s land, that is almost precisely where she was later discovered. In another part of the audio, you hear Bill and Cathy discussing a business trip that Swift took to Nashville, in which Swift’s family was under the impression that she had stayed in Nashville but she had, actually, come back. And, they discuss the trip that Swift took with them to Gulf Shores the week before.

The allegation that the McDonald’s was torn down “right after” Karen Swift went missing on October 30, 2011

At this time, Justice Warrior Investigations has dismissed the allegation as FALSE, based on conflicting dates. However, the fact that the document we received in response to our inquiry, is unsigned, we do have some questions about its authenticity.

The Farms owner, David Alexander’s, recollection of the “break-in” that occurred the week after Swift’s disappearance

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Patrick Spoon recollection of the break-in “right after” the Halloween party

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Initial conversation with former intern, Chastity Brandon, who points to the Sells family.

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Conclusion: Though much of Ms. Brandon’s statement was made up of rumors and speculation, we believe that her statement pertaining to John Hogshooter being Darrell Sells’ “right hand man” is significant because it is based on her personal experience working, at McDonald’s. Hogshooter was charged with poisoning the Swift’s dog just weeks prior to her murder.

Conversation between Karen Swift’s oldest son, Preston, and Rick Gregory about “leads” that he didn’t feel were being properly followed up on.

Witness Statement / Affidavit stating that Bentley and Dena Quertermous were not present at their home until the early morning hours of October 30, 2011 (I have retracted the witnesses name and signature).

This sworn statement challenges one made by Det. Rick Gregory in the FB messages between himself and Preston Swift, in which he claims that Bentley Quertermous was “home sick” on the evening/morning in question. Furthermore, the witness, under oath, states that Det. Cook and Gregory told her to “change [her] statement” to say that she “isn’t sure” whether he was there because she didn’t go into the bedroom. This statement is cause for concern, in our opinion, and further damages our trust in the jurisdictional agency.

Expert opinion on theory that the screw found in Karen Swift’s tire was “manually” inserted.

Inmate that broke into Swift’s vehicle while it was sitting on the impound lot.

This is one of many examples of reckless moves in this investigation, on behalf of the jurisdictional agency (DCSO). Whether intentional, or not, it proves that they failed to secure evidence and that, at any point throughout the investigation, someone could have accessed and tampered with said evidence and, in this case, part of the crime scene.

Swift vehicle released to Chase Bank by Sheriff Box.

On May 21, 2014, the vehicle that Karen Swift was driving on the day that she was murdered, was auctioned off by Chase Bank. Prior to this, Mr. Swift, whose name was on the loan/title, was not notified that his and his late wife’s property was going to be released for repossession. Furthermore, both David and his son, had repeatedly asked DCSO to let them know when they could take possession of the vehicle.
Usually, in murder cases (especially unsolved ones) evidence from the crime scene (in this case an actual part of the crime scene) would be preserved until the very last step of due process (the appellant court’s decision is returned). It would most definitely need to be examined by the defense, no matter who is charged with the crime (Swift or someone else). Without this very important piece of, what would likely be considered possible exculpatory evidence, it is highly unlikely that anyone would ever be successfully convicted for this crime without a credible eye witness or confession.

Below, you will find an audio regarding text messages sent to a witness from Det. Glenn Cook and corresponding text messages:

The text messages provided to Justice Warrior Investigations (formerly known as HMC Investigations) and the witness, show bias and, in our opinion, cross a serious boundary. Further, the P.I. that Cook was referring to in these messages was hired, by Justice Warriors’ persons of interest, to “get even” with private investigator, Heather Rolling. Cook’s promotion of “Cobra Justice” and/or Ms. Brandon and the Sells family is extremely inappropriate and, also in our opinion, shows just how biased he and DCSO are (and have been) in regards to doing their due diligence in this investigation. Furthermore, this witness received a visit from Det. Cook and his sidekick, Rick Gregory. During that visit, Cook and Gregory recited their famous “change your statement and disassociate from Ms. Cohen (Rolling)” speech.

Text message to P.I. Rolling from a Dyer County elected official re corruption.

The Justice Warrior team has tried to protect our witnesses the best we could throughout our investigation, as we understand just how dangerous this situation is and that, most witnesses (including this one) have experienced it firsthand.

State Gazette article covering a previous lawsuit that one of our persons of interest was involved in.

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The Justice Warrior team feels strongly that this article is an accurate depiction of the character of this person of interest. Furthermore, it validates witnesses’ statements and fear of coming forward to law enforcement with the information they have that they believe they have.

Eye witness, Dustin Swift’s, statement of coordinates where he claims to have seen Darrel Sells within a week of Karen Swift’s disappearance.