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Justice Warrior Investigations, previously known as HMC Investigations, is a top-rated PI Firm, licensed in both Tennessee and Kentucky. Private investigator, Heather Cohen, began her career as a paralegal. She decided to go back to college for a degree in legal studies and, three degrees later (A.S. Legal Studies, B.S. Legal Studies & Masters in Criminal Justice), she started "HMC Investigations."

Prior to the birth of her company, Cohen volunteered as a Tennessee State Representative for the CUE Center for Missing Persons and the Tennessee Association of Licensed Professional Investigators.

Cohen prides herself on her integrity and tenacity for uncovering the truth. "I don't consider myself for the prosecution or for the defense in any case. I seek the truth and trust in God to provide me with the wisdom, discernment and guidance to achieve just that," says Cohen.

As a private investigator, it didn't take long for Cohen to recognize the need for investigators to defend individuals accused of committing a crime. "The prosecution has a team of investigators who are dedicated to gathering information meant to "win" their case. Sadly, the defense doesn't always have the same resources. My vision, for the future of Justice Warrior Investigations, is to offer "quality assurance" (so-to-speak) for the defense to be sure that the prosecution has not ignored alternate suspects and theories and  that the prosecution's investigation has not crossed boundaries in their tactics for gathering witness statements and evidence.

"At the end of the day, it just as important to ensure that the accused's constitutional rights have been upheld because it is the only thing standing between the citizens and a dictatorship. If/when our constitutional rights are disregarded as a means to an end, it becomes a threat to the wellbeing of every citizen.

That is why Cohen has dedicated herself to fighting for justice and stands firmly upon the 1769 doctrine that states that, “it is better that ten guilty men escape than that one innocent suffer.”

Also part of the Justice Warrior Team, is Heather’s business partner, Tracey Ellis. Ms. Ellis assists with information gathering and research. Through years of experience in the justice system, Cohen and Ellis have developed the tenacity and technique to be sure that no stone is left unturned.

Whether you’ve been wrongfully accused or you need help with a civil case, you won’t find a team more dedicated. From criminal defense to custody battles, we promise to fight tooth and nail for you!
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A “Justice Warrior” is a person who fights for truth and justice; someone who cannot be bribed; and who will not submit to intimidation. We fight for a better justice system and demand equality. We challenge any, and all, forms of corruption and demand accountability for all, regardless of race or status. We recognize the need for justice, to maintain a healthy balance in society, and we denounce the manipulation of the system for personal gain. True justice is accountability, which is important to all persons (including the perpetrator). Accountability promotes spiritual growth and understanding. To demand justice is to seek truth and accountability, but never to inflict pain and suffering on another person out of selfish and vindictive desires. It is never about anger, wrath, hate or judgment. Rather, it is about restoring balance and giving the victim (and the perpetrator) peace.

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I hired Heather to locate my 15 y.o. daughter. My ex-wife was illegally concealing her location. I obtained a court order granting Full Legal and Physical custody. Heather Located her rather easily with the information I provided and from the moment we arrived she did everything she could to facilitate the retrieval of my daughter. While in the process of actually physically retrieving my daughter in Tennessee, with a Michigan Court Order, Sheriff shows up, tells my ex NOT to cooperate. Sergeant on site at the time stated "I don't care if you have a court order! It is from Michigan, I do NOT have to enforce it. Bring me a Tennessee Court Order and I will gladly help you!" They then escorted my ex-wife away and forbade us from following. Heather remained Calm, But Assertive, yet also quite mouthy. Heather was a formidable advocate that our Documents and Rights be respected, after some digging she was able to call the dispatcher, Heather told them to look up the following US Statute dealing with exactly these kind of cases. ************************************************ Within 15 minuets of Heather informing them to read the above mentioned statute, the Sheriff Sargent was back with a totally different attitude. He explained that we needed to have the paperwork verified before they could help us and to just come to the office 1st thing in the morning they would verify the paperwork and gladly help me. As it was now after 9:00 p.m. and all the courts were closed that was our only option. We explained, we had attempted earlier that day to get them to verify the Michigan Court Order, however we were turned away because as at the time we didn't know which county we were going to get pick her up in. FYI the Other County, listened to us, took 25 minuets, verified the paperwork. Said when you find her, just give us a call. Heather, If You had not been there with us at the time, We probably would have gone back to Michigan, empty handed, broken hearted. Thank You Heather!

John B. (BBB Review)

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